Wednesday, February 18, 2015

touch retouch image editor to remove the unwanted objects

i happened to have a photoblog where majority of it's photos are taken using my mobile phone and edited using image editor application.

what most challenging taking picture with mobile phone is, you need to retouch the result or/and merely want to remove the unwanted object which accidentally snapped in frame.
normal photo editor application such as picsay pro required a lot of effort to do the object removal.

until one day i encounter an application touch retouch in google playstore.
at first it is just a trial and error, and i'm just sceptic that this touch retouch app can remove objects from foto smoothly.
then i was wrong. this touch retouch app is amazing! just thinking that this is a mobile application, it's very perfect.

here is the sample

Image: snydez z

as you see in the photo, it has electric wires that come accross the marawa, the flag.

in the app, i gave marking to the wires, and then i processed it

 photo 1422788062_zpsd2eb3c85.png


... and the result can bee view at my photoblog

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Expense Manager

just a month ago i installed Expense Manager on my Hero. The application is amazing, suit everything i need. It can have multi account, it has custom currency - since i live in Indonesia and having Rupiah as my currency -, and it has report and filter that can be exported. and it has chart! amazing.

you can set the category of your expense or income. so based on this category you can generate chart like this :)


it come my amazement, that more than half of my expense goes for food.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Tracking your way

I recently download My Tracks apk. It's from Google Inc. This application require your GPS to be on and locked.
So when you move it able to record your movement on it.

Later when you finish recording your movement, it can show you you the path that you've taken. And report telling you how far was your travel, how long it took, how many minutes you've stopped.

The issue is my HTC Hero sometimes having problem locking the GPS. If you try this My Tracks while the GPS still not locked, you'll get nothing but the drained battery.
It won't record any of your path, and you'll running out of battery.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

the application google services framework force close

Last night, after flashing a new ROM, villandroid, I cannot set my Google account to be use in my phone.

the message "the application google services framework" keep pop up with force close button.

so, I browse the internet to seek what's causing it and how to fix this issue.
there's a search result explaining that the calendar application is the culprit. and he suggest to clear the data of calendar application.

that suggestion is not comply with my HTC Hero. the problem persist.

so, I'm thinking that any application that require to login to google is the culprit. then, I uninstall all application which require logon in to Google.

then I clear data from "google services framework".
setting > aplication > manage application then seek for Google framework. clear the day and stop the application.
voila! it works.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

my first paid application

never in my gadget life that i bought an application.
usually i've satisfied with it's free version. and later if i want to go further, i'll lookup for any 'key' of that application.

so it reach the moment when i want to do the right thing. i fell on love with PicSay. it's free version is more than enough for my android.

the problem is in indonesia's network there's no paid application on the android market.

after using Market Enabler application, i forge my market as other countries' market. and then i found out PicSay Pro is not expensive, which is still fit with my expenses.

so i buy it.
buying an application in android market requiring you to have a credit card - which i already have.
the next step is set/create your Google Checkout account - that same Google account that you use on your android phone.

after that, just go to the market. search for PicSay Pro and follow the flow and in the end it'll deduct your credit card as much the price of PicsSay Pro.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Hero custom ROM

After my Hero root-ed, I have the capability to change the current or original ROM with any custom ROM for Hero.

My first try of custom ROM is using Villain beta 4, it is amazing that a 2.1 ROM actually running on my Hero, which is prevously 1.5 ROM.

Since there are sometimes some application refused to run on 1.5 ROM, e.g: google buzz, new google map, etc.

along with this new joy, comes a new frustation. my Hero are becoming slow each day, especially when it the first time connect to internet. and sometimes the HTC Sense is need to be force close.

Luckily, Android has this system that prevent one collapse application to halt the phone. although i experiencing already 4 times hang :(

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

HTC Mail

For Android 1.5, normally it come with HTC Mail e-mail client. you can utilize this application to fetch your e-mail using POP3 or IMAP4 or Outlook Exchange.

I use HTC Mail for several mail which is hosted on gmail domain hosted. so it can have label as it's folder.

too bad, this HTC Mail only able to syncronize the inbox folder/label of those google mail hosted domain. for folders beside inbox, you need to trigger the mail to be fetch using Refresh menu.

there are other things I experienced with this HTC Mail, which it crashed more than i expected.
but alas, even though the application crash, the phone it self still steady.