Wednesday, February 18, 2015

touch retouch image editor to remove the unwanted objects

i happened to have a photoblog where majority of it's photos are taken using my mobile phone and edited using image editor application.

what most challenging taking picture with mobile phone is, you need to retouch the result or/and merely want to remove the unwanted object which accidentally snapped in frame.
normal photo editor application such as picsay pro required a lot of effort to do the object removal.

until one day i encounter an application touch retouch in google playstore.
at first it is just a trial and error, and i'm just sceptic that this touch retouch app can remove objects from foto smoothly.
then i was wrong. this touch retouch app is amazing! just thinking that this is a mobile application, it's very perfect.

here is the sample

Image: snydez z

as you see in the photo, it has electric wires that come accross the marawa, the flag.

in the app, i gave marking to the wires, and then i processed it

 photo 1422788062_zpsd2eb3c85.png


... and the result can bee view at my photoblog