Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Bluetooth and DNS

i checked on the phone, it got no setting to use custom DNS, i've search via google, and the result is not satisfying, so for now all i have to do is rely on my stupid carrier DNS'.

yesterday i want to transfer picture of my sons from my wife's Sony Ericsson K660 via bluetooth. normally if each phone can pair then everything will be ok.
but not with this Android, it cannot send and receive any file via bluetooth. apparently the bluetooth in Android is only for headset / headphone.

I try to download application from Android Market, but unfortunately the application is only for Eclair (Android 2.x) while I'm still using Android 1.5, :(

Sunday, December 27, 2009

first time

my first time touching that Android gadget, i feel i didn't make a foolish decision. I want that phone to be mine. this HTC Hero is really something, although it has funny design on the bottom, but it's ok.

firstly, I test the droid phone to make a call, :D yes, although i think it's funny, but alas, it is a phone, a mobile phone should be able to make a phone call. :)
then i test the bluetooth, wi-fi -- to bad no wi-di signal arround when i tested it.
too bad, i didn't test the wireless connection :D,

in the end, i tell the person who want to sell it, "do you want it in cash, or bank transfer?"

so that night, i didn't do any drastic action. I just plug in my SIM card to it, setting it, and the wireless connection is fine, despite of my carrier is kind of slow that night.

then i sync my contacts and calendar from my google account, and everything ok.