Sunday, December 27, 2009

first time

my first time touching that Android gadget, i feel i didn't make a foolish decision. I want that phone to be mine. this HTC Hero is really something, although it has funny design on the bottom, but it's ok.

firstly, I test the droid phone to make a call, :D yes, although i think it's funny, but alas, it is a phone, a mobile phone should be able to make a phone call. :)
then i test the bluetooth, wi-fi -- to bad no wi-di signal arround when i tested it.
too bad, i didn't test the wireless connection :D,

in the end, i tell the person who want to sell it, "do you want it in cash, or bank transfer?"

so that night, i didn't do any drastic action. I just plug in my SIM card to it, setting it, and the wireless connection is fine, despite of my carrier is kind of slow that night.

then i sync my contacts and calendar from my google account, and everything ok.

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